Fruity Melts Cocoa Crush

A crunchy treat made from a mixture of banana, apple, cocoa and vanilla – and absolutely nothing more!


The taste of real fruit with cocoa contributes to giving baby great new taste experiences. A tasty treat even for children who don’t like fruit.


Fruity Melts dissolve in the mouth and therefore there is no risk of running out of bite.


Fruit Melts with Cocoa are suitable as a healthy and tasty snack for babies and older children at home and on the go. Quite simply, a real treat for little ones and their parents.


They can be enjoyed by toddlers from the age of 12 months.


Lyophilised (freeze-dried) foods retain almost all their nutritional values and vitamins. In this way, the taste of the fresh fruit is preserved. It also has the advantage that no moulds are formed in the products as in the conventional drying method.


At Nordic Foodie BIO we strive to find the best possible quality ingredients. That’s why Fruity Melts is 100% organic. It is equally important to us that our products are not only tasty but also healthy.


Ingredients: 60.9% organic banana puree, 36% organic apple puree, 3% organic cocoa powder, 1% organic vanilla powder


No added sugar
No added salt
Gluten free
Contains no milk, lactose or egg
No additives
Free from colours and preservatives

Nutrition information                         

          per 100 g          


 1524 kcal / 361 kJ


       3,3 g 

of which saturates

       2,0 g


        70 g

of which sugars

        66 g


        13 g


       6,1 g


     0,01 g  


Zloženie: 60,9% Bio Banánové Pyré,36% bio jablkové pyré, 3% Bio kakaový prášok , 01% Bio Vanilkový Prášok Bez pridaného cukru Bez pridanej soli Neobsahuje lepok Neobsahuje mlieko, laktózu ani vajcia Bez prísad Bez farbív Bez konzervantov

Nutrition information

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