Our products

Pure, organic and delicious food for babies and toddlers that celebrates the love of good food - without any compromise.

Our story

We have spent several years creating recipes that meet our commitment to delivering products that are healthy, delicious and of the highest quality. All of this means that Petra&Friends products are a unique combination of our ideals, the wishes of mothers and the flavours that children love.

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For parents

Why crunchy foodie

  • Dissolves in the mouth - no need for teeth - no risk of bite
  • Helps get used to solid food
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Tasty - even for kids who do not like vegetables
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Why fruity or yogi melts

  • Something without added sugar
  • Something that tastes like sweetness
  • Something with fruit
  • A sweet snack for when the kids are craving something sweet
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